Bushfire Protection


Bushfire Situations

Rural lifestyle is growing popular in Australia as an increased number of Australians are moving to the semi-rural and country areas for better lifestyle. This steady urban sprawl has led homeowners move closer to woods and high vegetation areas which has resulted in immediate protection from bushfires in the country. Besides the Australian Standards bushfire protection assessments, there are many more ways you can protect your family and property during a bushfire attack.

At Brisbane Roller Shutters, we have special Rollashield roller shutters that are designed for fire protection, especially in the bushfire prone areas of Australia. We provide suitable advice, information, installation quotes and certificates. Our expert installation team will work in collaboration to ensure proven solutions for bushfire situations with the best roller shutters.

How can our shutters offer bushfire protection?

Our roller shutters are bushfire-rated to help protect your family, belongings, home from a low-level bushfire. The large aluminium shutters are built to protect large doors and windows protecting them from flying dust, debris and heat. On choosing our Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009, you will have complete protection with the BAL A40 rated shutters having radiant heat shedding properties of around 40 KW/m2. Being strong aluminium shutters, they are available in different shades and range of colours.

You can trust our Rollashield roller shutters for complete bushfire protection in Brisbane and other nearby areas, basically those prone to bushfire.

Forest fire in the Courel range

Protect your home this storm season

Our roller shutters provide storm protection against hail, lightening, thunderstorms and snow storms.


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