Storm Protection

Lightning storm over Prague, Czech republic

Protection from hail and storms

Brisbane Roller Shutters provide the most efficient roller shutters in and around areas like Brisbane, Western Suburbs, Gold Coast, North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, etc. Shutters have the ability to offer several benefits like noise insulation, thermal insulation, saving on energy consumption and bills, fire protection and light blocking. Moreover, our roller shutters in Brisbane are designed to offer you each of these benefits along with storm protection.  

The motorized shutters we manufacture are evident of protecting you from hail and storms. The level of protection we render through our roller shutters are beyond comparison. In event of hail or a storm, it prevents the hailstones and flying debris from damaging the glass creating a risk of rain water entering your house through the broken glass. 

Built for Heavy Blows

How our roller shutters provide storm protection? 

Seeing the property damage and losses in natural disasters over the years which have been increasing annually, we decided to design durable shutters specially built to take the heavy blow of hails, storms and cyclones protecting the occupants, belongings and property from the extensive damage and loss. 

The four main natural disasters our roller shutters fight include: 

  • Thunderstorms 
  • Snow storms 
  • Lightning 
  • Hail storms 
Dark storm clouds - rainy clouds

Protect your home this storm season

Our roller shutters provide storm protection against hail, lightening, thunderstorms and snow storms.


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